Configurable Ramp System for Residential Application

Aluminum wheelchair ramp with handrails
Aluminum wheelchair ramp with handrails House with a wheelchair ramp Wheelchair ramp outside a building Black handlebar of a wheelchair ramp Deck post base on concrete foundation A residential ramp with handrails A metal accessibility ramp leading to a building

Elevation Modular Ramps

Configurable Ramp System for Residential Application

  • Homes (Residential)
  • Commercial

Every home and situation is unique – and Harmar has your back. Our modular elevation ramps are built especially for your home and needs.

  • Specifically designed for your property.
  • Weight-bearing capacity as high as 850 to accommodate you and your mobility device.
  • ADA-compliant
1” elevation equals 1’ of ramping
Grooves on treads for safe,
non-slip surfaces
Handrail joints for secure,
sturdy support
Foot brackets for
maximum support


  • Custom configurations to provide entrance/exit to your home
  • Non-slip surface for maximum performance in wet conditions
  • ADA Compliant
  • Sturdy J-hook connections, tongue in groove between platforms and ramps for ultimate stability
  • Smooth and continuous, 2-line handrails
  • Weight Capacity
    850 lb
  • Usable Ramp Width
  • Warranty
  • Ramp Lengths
    • 2'
    • 3'
    • 4'
    • 5'
    • 6'
    • 7'
    • 8'
  • Platform Sizes
    • 4' x 4'
    • 5' x 4'
    • 5' x 5'
    • 5' x 6'
No Accessories Available.
No Warranty Available.

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“When I decided to get a scooter, I realized I needed a way to actually get into my house. The stairs made my knees ache, and I didn’t feel safe on them anymore. I love my ramp. It’s sturdy, safe, and I can get from the driveway and to my house no problem.”

“I love my ramp! It’s stable and I never worry about visitors slipping while walking up the platforms.”

“The sky’s the limit for these ramps! I couldn’t get over all the configurations they could make to make sure I had the perfect fit.”

Factors to Consider before Making a Decision

Elevation ramps are great for anyone who may be struggling walking up steps, or someone who may not be able to easily get in or out of their mobility device. Entering or exiting your home can be made easier by installing a ramp.
Elevation ramps are great applications when considering maintenance. Instead of worrying about mechanical or technical difficulties, ramps can be cared for by completing routine maintenance and keeping clean.

Make it your own with these options:

  • Platform gate
  • Aluminum stairs