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Product Buyers Guide: What Happens to my Stairlift in a Power Outage?

Oct 5, 2022 | Buyers Guide

The Make of a Stairlift

Although equipped with a battery, stairlifts – or chair lifts – are typically designed to receive power to run from your home’s electricity. However, in the event of a power outage, Harmar’s stairlift batteries will help you maintain use of your lift for up to 60 cycles, or roundtrips up and down your staircase.

The Stairlift’s Battery During a Power Outage

Because stairlift batteries require charging when not in use, many stairlift manufacturers have developed lifts that can provide a specific number of trips to help keep you independent and safe on the stairs during a power outage. However, Harmar’s stairlift batteries, depending on the age of the battery and length of the rail, can provide up to 60 cycles up and down your stairs.

Please note that once power is lost at home, the stairlift will beep to alert you that it is not receiving any power from your home. It is recommended to power off your stairlift when it’s not in use to preserve the battery – and silence the beeping.

When Power Returns to Your Home

Once the power has been restored to your home, turn on your stairlift. The beeping should not resume, nor should you require any assistance from your Harmar Dealer or support.

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