Lifts for Commercial Use

Highlander II Vertical Platform Lift

From 4’ to 14’, the new Highlander II design is an outstanding choice for at-home and commercial access challenges. This reliable VPL series is more dependable and easier to use, service, and troubleshoot, bringing you the freedom to come and go from your home.

  • Lifting capacity of 750 lb
  • Guardian System’s four LED lights provide continual performance feedback
  • ReadyUPS optional battery backup system provides a minimum of 5 complete up-down cycles in the event of a blackout

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Pinnacle Straight Stairlifts

Harmar’s Pinnacle straight stairlifts are fantastic commercial and residential accessibility solutions to help your patrons and guests move from floor to floor, stress-free. When not in use, simply fold the footrest, seat, and arm rests for an obstruction-free walkway.

  • Narrowest stairlift in the industry with a narrow fold of 10.5”
  • No grease or lubrication required, meaning low maintenance and simple cleaning
  • Operable in power loss with up to 60 trips

Helix Curved Stairlifts

Like people, every establishment is unique. So, sometimes stairlifts need to be specially created for specific staircases. Our Helix curved stairlifts are optimal choices for commercial applications with curved and spiral stairwells, and landings between floors!

  • Fabricated to perfectly fit your unique staircase
  • Quiet, smooth ride
  • Comes with remote controls to call/send seat
  • Equipped with swivel seat for easy and safe entry and exit at upper landing
Threshold Ramps
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Peace of mind
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Assembled in the USA
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