Curved Stairlifts


Curved Stairlift

Curves, landings, tight turns – oh, my! The Helix curved stairlift is a great solution to help you access every floor in your home with ease, no matter the configuration. These lifts are custom-made to perfectly fit your unique staircase and your home’s décor.

Assembled in the USA
Assembled in the USA
Dealers in all 50 States
Dealers in all 50 states
Retractable seat belt for
a clean look when lift is
not in use
Swivel Seat Levers to swivel seat
to face landings when ready to
enter/exit the lift
Non-skid footrest for additional safety
Flat seat designed for easier
transfer to and from lift


Helix curved stairlifts were designed to mount closely to the wall to allow ample room for others to use the staircase and enables the lift to make those tight bends and radius curves. Constructed with durable steel, custom precision-bent rails, and finished by experienced craftsmen, the Helix’s curved rail provides its riders with a smooth and comfortable ride from beginning to end.
350 lb
20 FPM
16′, 18′ and 24′ standard depending on configuration
Extra rail up to 164′
up to 60°
19″ x 15″
11″ x 12″
16″ from wall
Steel rack and pinion

ETL listed
CSA B44.1/ASME A17.5
Safety standard ASME A18.1
Rated commercial & residential

Limited lifetime: Drive system, structure
2-year parts
1-year battery

Direction limit switches
Final limit switch
Footrest obstruction sensors
Seat swivel interlock
Constant pressure controls
Retractable seat belt
Chassis obstruction sensors
Overspeed brake

Emergency stop
Key switch
Additional call/send
Additional charging station
Black or beige rail, chassis, upholstery
Outdoor package

Get assistance from your local
Harmar dealer

Consultations available over the phone, online, or in person.

“My Helix was made just for me. Most importantly, it was made for my independence, confidence, my quality of life.”


“I never thought I would find a lift to fit my winding steps. They’re so tight! But a great team came in and measured and got everything set so Harmar could start on my lift. I love it and feel so safe going up and down the steps in my home.”


Factors to consider before making a decision

How do I know if a curved stairlift is right for me?
Curved stairlifts are fabricated to fit virtually any staircase – whether your stairs are straight with landings, spiral, or angled, speak with a Harmar dealer today to see which configuration will best fit your needs!
Is this stairlift loud?
Harmar’s Helix curved stairlift is designed to provide a smooth, safe, and quiet ride up and down your stairs.
Does this stairlift come in other colors?
Yes! The Helix seat and rails come in two colors: beige and a sleek black.
How safe is the Helix if I have visitors?
The Helix curved stairlift can be designed to tuck around corners to keep from obstructing any path or stairways when not in use. For additional security, Harmar offers an optional key lock to ensure no “surprise rides” occur when company or grandchildren are over.
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