Reach New Heights

with a Harmar Platform Lift

No grease, no mess

The Highlander II and VPL400-X are designed for heavy-duty lifting. With a weight capacity of up to 750 lbs, these VPLs can accommodate you and virtually any mobility device!

Compact but mighty

Available in multiple heights and dimensions, Harmar’s VPLs are great fits for many unique lifestyles, offering a wide variety of platform sizes and height configurations.

Up to 60 trips during blackouts

Whether you need a lift to get to your front porch, back deck, or over your garage steps, the Highlander II and VPL400-X are excellent choices – especially compared to ramps, which have a much larger footprint.

ReadyUPS System: True
battery back-up option that
can deliver at least 5-cycles
in the event of power loss.
SteadyDrive: Ensures
a smooth, quit
and stable lift.
Guardian System: 4 bright, high-contrast
LED status lights give continual performance
feedback from the lift's control board.
Monitoring almost every critical system,
Guardian can provide immediate feedback
and guidance.
Big Blue Paddle: A 4" x 5"
high contrast ergonomic
rocker paddle control that
makes operation easier.

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Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision

Which platform lift would best suit my needs?
Simple and sturdy, the VPL400-X is a prime choice for lifting you and, if needed, a mobility device up to 53” to your porch, deck, or over a few of those pesky garage steps. Harmar’s Highlander II is designed for both commercial and residential applications and can reach up to 14’ so you don’t have to worry about struggling with your stairs when leaving or arriving at your home.
Can I operate a platform lift easily?
Yes! The Highlander II and VPL400-X are designed for easy use. With the Big Blue Paddle, the operation buttons are much easier to use and see, compared to older models. When secured in the lift, simply press the up or down arrow and hold through the duration of travel.
Is the weight capacity the same?
Yes! Both platform lifts can accommodate up to 750 lbs. The Highlander II and the VPL400-X are compatible with virtually any powerchair, manual wheelchair, or scooter.
Can the VPL400-X extend higher than the 53”?
The VPL400-X was designed for shorter distances and a simpler installation. If you need a lift higher than 53”, we suggest our Highlander II. The functionality is virtually the same but offers more options and features as well as a range of heights that can be paired with multiple platform dimensions.


Enjoy your independence inside our outside of your home with a VPL tailored to your unique needs!
Highlander II

Highlander II

  • Provides access to decks, porches, garage entry, second-story entry, and elevation between floors up to 14’
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Offers battery backup!
EPL2 Product

Highlander II with Enclosure Kit

  • Provides access to decks, porches, garage entry, second-story entry up to 14’, and protection from harsh winter elements for year-round comfort
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Offers batter backup!
400X P


  • Provides access to decks, porches, and garage entry up to 53”
  • Residential applications
  • Weight capacity: 750 lbs

“I was so grateful I didn’t have to buy an actual elevator for my home! The enclosure is the perfect solution for me.”

“The Highlander II is a nice addition to my house. Much less of an eyesore than other solutions like wooden ramps. Doesn’t need as much room. And the guys were fast and proficient during the installation. Happy customer.”

Straight Stairlifts

Make it Yours!

We offer a variety of options to enhance your VPL to best fit your needs.

  • Battery backup UPS system~
  • 36″ or 42″ platform gates with EMI interlock***
  • Grab bar in platform***
  • Fixed or auto-fold ram**
  • Fire-rated doors~
  • Wired or wireless call/send controls~
  • Lighted E-Stop with alarm*
  • Key lock in platform***
  • 3-stop with 3-button control panel~
  • Safety pan+
Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Assembled in the USA
Assembled in the USA
Dealers in all 50 States
Dealers in all 50 States
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