Portable Non-permanent Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum Threshold Ramps

Portable Non-permanent Aluminum Ramps

  • Homes (Residential)

Push pesky single steps out of your worries with a Harmar aluminum threshold ramp! Available in multiple dimensions, these ADA-compliant, portable ramps are simple solutions to help you make your way through virtually any doorway.

  • Lightweight and easy to place, aluminum threshold ramps are great for use inside the home and outside.
  • Offered in multiple dimensions and designed to either have a fixed height or adjustable, aluminum ramps are ideal to help keep you confidently moving around your home.
  • With a weight capacity of 600 lb, aluminum ramps are ideal for virtually any mobility device.

Made from lightweight, durable aluminum, all aluminum threshold ramps include 2″ curbing.
Adjustable Threshold Ramps

  • ATH1232  1” – 2” rise 12”L x 32”W
  • ATH1236  1” – 2” rise 12”L x 36”W
  • ATH2432  2” – 3 ½” rise 24”L x 32”W
  • ATH2436  2” – 3 ½” rise  24”L x 36”W
  • ATH3632  3 ½”  – 5” rise 36”L x 32”W
  • ATH3636  3 ½”  – 5” rise  36”L x 36”W
  • ATH4832  4” – 6” rise  32”L x 48”W
  • ATH4836  4” – 6” rise  36”L x 48”W

Fixed Threshold Ramps

  • THR832  ¼” – ½” rise 8”L x 32”W
  • TH1032  ½” – ¾” rise 10”L x 32”W
  • TH1232  ¾” – 1 ½” rise 12”L x 32”W
  • TH1632  1 ½”  – 2” rise 16”L x 32”W
  • TH1636  1 ½”  – 2” rise 16”L x 36”W
  • TH2432  2” – 4” rise 24”L x 32”W
  • TH2436  2” – 4” rise 24”L x 36”W



  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Fixed or adjustable configurations
  • Weight Capacity
    600 lb
No Accessories Available.

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California Prop 65 Warning Notice

Warranty : 3-year

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“I worried at first, when I started using my wheelchair more often – how would I get in and out of my home? This aluminum ramp was so easy to install and I feel much safer in my home.”

“When my dad came home from his surgery, he had a rough time getting in and out of his bedroom, so we had a ramp installed. Game changer! He can use it now and then remove it when he no longer needs it.”

Factors to Consider before Making a Decision

Aluminum threshold ramps are ideal for those who have difficulty with single steps or getting over raises in floors near doorways. Offered in multiple sizes, the aluminum threshold ramps can be ordered in fixed heights or can be designed to be adjusted for versatile use. With their weight-bearing capacity of 600 lb, they can accommodate most powerchairs, scooters, or manual wheelchairs.
Yes! The aluminum threshold ramp does not need to be a permanent installation and can be a great temporary accessibility solution for your home.