Sturdy Aluminum Ramps for a Non-permanent Solution

Close-up of Harmar portable ramp's traction surface Harmar portable ramp extended and ready for use Different angle of Harmar portable ramp in a real-world scenario

Portable Ramps

Sturdy Aluminum Ramps for a Non-permanent Solution

  • Homes (Residential)

Go where you want, when you want with a portable ramp! Our lightweight, simple access solution is excellent for helping you get over curbs and thresholds, as well as up single steps. Confidently use your mobility device while eliminating trip hazards.

  • Offered in multiple dimensions as single-fold, or multi-fold ramps.
  • Requires no tools for easy assembly or disassembly.
  • Confidently ride up or down the ramp with side panels, assuring proper wheel alignment.

Single Fold Ramps:

  • SFW230     24″L X 30″W (Folds to 24″L x 16″W) Weight: 10 lb
  • SFW330     36″L X 30″W (Folds to 36″L x 16″W) Weight: 15 lb
  • SFW430     48″L X 30″W (Folds to 48″L x 16″W) Weight: 20 lb
  • SFW530     60″L X 30″W (Folds to 60″L x 16″W) Weight: 24 lb

Multi-Fold Ramps

  • WCR530    60″L X 30″W (Folds to 32.3″L x 16″W) Weight: 34 lb
  • WCR630     72″L X 30″W (Folds to 38.3″L x 16″W) Weight: 40 lb
  • WCR730     84″L X 30″W (Folds to 44.3″L x 16″W) Weight: 44 lb
  • WCR830     96″L X 30″W (Folds to 50.8″L x 16″W) Weight: 52 lb



  • Lightweight aluminum construction with non-slip surface
  • Folds securely for maximum portability
  • Multi-fold ramps separate into two-pieces for easy carrying
  • Can be deployed or assembled with no tools
  • Side panels aid in proper wheel alignment
  • Weight Capacity
    600 lb
No Accessories Available.

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California Prop 65 Warning Notice

Warranty : 3-year

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“My portable ramp is my number-one travel buddy. I used to have a rough time getting in and out of friends’ houses, but my ramp has allowed me to enjoy my time with friends outside my own home.”

“I was nervous at first because I thought I would easily fall off the side of the ramp. But it’s spacious and the lips at the sides really help me feel safe using it.”

Factors to Consider before Making a Decision

Designed for travel, the portable ramps are optimal to help mobility device users maneuver over curbs, single steps in and outside of homes, and other locations with an uneven floor. Store the ramp in your car, or in a coat closet for easy access when you’re ready to hit the road.
Yes. The portable ramp was created to make travel easier. Made of lightweight aluminum, the ramp offers single or multifold options, depending on the size and dimensions, but can support up to 600 lb.