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Product Buyers Guide: Service and Maintenance for Your Stairlift

Oct 5, 2022 | Buyers Guide

It’s important to keep your stairlift dealer’s contact information handy, should you need to contact them for maintenance or service. When shopping for a lift, please keep in mind the warranty will vary from dealer to dealer. We suggest asking the dealer you plan to work with about the offered warranty on the stairlift you are considering.

Maintenance for Your Stair Lift

It’s not required to have your lift regularly maintained by your dealer, but we strongly suggest you consider scheduling an annual appointment to ensure your lift’s health. If you think you’ll one day consider either selling or donating the lift, it will be easier to do so if it is well maintained.

Cleaning Your Stairlift

Harmar’s stairlifts, unlike others on the market, do not require any grease or lubrication to operate. This means there will be less all-around maintenance, less mess on your floors and walls, and less of a chance of the rails clogging. Regardless of the lift you choose, it’s recommended you use either multi-surface wipes or a dust rag once a month to keep any dust from collecting on or in it; however, this is not absolutely necessary. If you choose to dust your stairlift, ask your dealer for lift-specific cleaning advice.

Optimizing Your Chairlift’s Battery

Many stair lifts on the market are battery operated, which helps them run in the event of a power outage so you won’t miss a step. Depending on the stairlift you choose, the following steps may help optimize the battery:

  • Turn off the stairlift if you leave town for an extended time or during a power outage when the lift is not in use.
  • Make sure you use your lift regularly to keep it running.
  • Do not unplug it so it can stay fully charged.
  • Keep the chair parked at the top or bottom of the rail – this is usually where the charging strip is located.

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