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5 Tips When Traveling with Seniors with Limited Mobility

Nov 29, 2022 | Children of Aging Parents

Research confirms that mobility issues are widespread among senior citizens and affect 35% of persons above 70 and 85. As people age, some may feel like they no longer have the strength or mental ability to travel. And moving too fast for too long might put their health and safety at risk.

However, it’s natural for us to want to take our parents and grandparents on trips, whether it’s to see the neighborhood or the world. If you have aging parents or any senior citizen in the family with limited mobility, you can still take them on road trips and elsewhere.

Try these safety tips:

Lower Stress By Keeping Your Trips Short

A two-month trip may not be a big deal for you, but your seniors might not appreciate staying away from home for so long.

So, plan your vacations as short breaks instead of long stretches, and have a precise itinerary with plenty of restful steps in between. Your trip activities should be designed with their accessibility and comfortability in mind.

This way, you can be sure that you are respecting your loved one’s limits and wishes.

Bring Their Healthcare Providers On-Board

It is crucial to keep the doctors in the loop. Make sure to discuss your senior’s travel plans with them. Discuss the complete trip details, as doctors can identify the possible dangers and give you safety advice. Ask if they need any vaccine or immunization for traveling or if it is safe to fly. Moreover, figure out which medications you should travel with and how much you need to take.

Select The Accommodation Wisely

Always book hotels with elevators and ramps and a policy to support guests with limited mobility.

Also, check nearby restaurants, hospitals, and other amenities. Do they have wheelchairs or golf carts? There will be times when the elderly will want to be left alone for a while, maybe to relax by the pool and read while you want to go off on a hike. It’s best to be sure they won’t have trouble navigating the hotel independently.

Request Special Services Where Possible

Make sure your party arrives early at the airport, so the seniors with you don’t feel rushed or anxious about the check-ins, security checks, and boarding. Plan and arrange a TSA precheck if you are in the United States. This ensures that seniors and others with mobility issues get expedited security screenings.

It’s also a good idea to get a wheelchair service at the airport so you can get help taking them across the terminal. And finally, always ask for senior-friendly accommodations, such as a ground-floor room or one closer to the elevator in the hotel.

Bring Your Mobility Devices

Airlines don’t usually charge for bringing walkers, wheelchairs, electric scooters, and canes on board. So if your seniors have difficulty walking, you could easily transfer from the wheelchair to the aisle chair.

As long as your equipment can be taken onto the plane and stored under the seat or in any other type of storage, you won’t have trouble bringing it. Many airlines will go so far as to check it in as cargo without extra charges.

Make Your Traveling Comfortable With Harmar

We have lifts to fit virtually any need – from microlifts to lifts fit for RVs, traveling with your mobility device has not been easier.

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