Micro Outside Lift

Harmar AL010 Micro Scooter Lift - Wheelchair lift for vehicles
Harmar AL010 Micro Scooter Lift - Wheelchair lift for vehicles


Micro Outside Lift

  • Cars
  • Minivans

Swing-away option available! Please confirm with your car’s compatibility with your Harmar dealer.

Traveling with a mobility scooter doesn’t have to be difficult. The AL010 micro outside lift is a lighter, prime choice to help you bring your compact scooter wherever life brings you. Simply anchor your scooter with the securement straps and adjustable wheel cradle and enjoy your freedom.

  • The AL010 is a great choice for smaller mobility scooters up to 135 lb.
  • Compatible with most sedans and minivans.
  • Enjoy the powered lifting feature when loading and unloading your scooter and manual fold design for safe storage when not in use.
23.5" x 33" adjustable wheel
cradle extends up to 42.25"
  • Carries virtually all 3- and 4-wheel micro scooters and power chairs
  • 4 secure tie-downs and rear wheel cradle
  • No scooter or chair modifications required
  • Power lift and manual fold
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-away option available
  • Lifting Capacity
    135 lb
  • Accommodates
  • Installed Weight
    71 lb
  • Platform Size
    23.5" X 33"
    adjustable wheel cradle extends up to 42.25"
  • Hitch Class
    I or greater
  • Powered
    Manual fold
    Power lifting
  • Securement
    4 manual straps
    Rear wheel cradle
  • Available Option(s)
    Battery pack
    License plate riser

Options & Accessories

  • AL105
  • AL205
  • ALCovers
Warranty: 3-Year
Included: AL107 hitch post
AL126 class II adapter
License plate mount

Check Vehicle Compatibility

Select your vehicle's year, make and model.

Select your mobility device make and model.

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Harmar dealer!

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“I used to worry about going to the grocery store because when I first got my scooter, I didn’t think to look into scooter lifts. So, I didn’t have a way to bring it shopping with me. Now that I have a tool to help me travel with my scooter, I have one less thing to worry about.”

“At first, I was worried I would have such a rough time driving around with a scooter on the back of my car. But I had such an easy time adjusting to my new lift!”

Factors to Consider before Making a Decision

While hitch-mounted lifts require little-to-no work while operating the lift, there are certain steps that must be completed in order to ensure your mobility device is secured for travel.

  • Walking from the front to the rear of the vehicle and back again
  • Standing up to three minutes while the lift operates
  • Steer or push the mobility device on/off the platform
  • Fold down the seat back of the mobility device or scooter tiller until it is in its most compact position
  • Insert the key and rotate it 90 degrees to turn on and activate the lift
  • Apply pressure to hold the up/down toggle switch while the lift operates
  • For Retractors: Connect the hook to location on mobility device and pull strap end or turn knob to increase tension (single and dual-hand retractors available)
The AL010 is compatible with most sedans and minivans; however, we invite you to click the button below to get a better idea of whether your vehicle is the best fit. Or, ask your local Harmar dealer for guidance when shopping for your lift.
With its lifting capacity of 135 lb, the AL010 is a great fit for virtually any smaller mobility scooter. When speaking with your local Harmar dealer, consult with them to ensure this lift is best for your mobility device and needs.