Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift

AL690 - Harmar Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift Outline
AL690 - Harmar Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift Outline Harmar AL690 side-door hybrid platform lift in a lifestyle setting


Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift

  • Minivans

Maybe you’d rather transport your powerchair or shorter scooter towards the middle of your van – Harmar has the lift for you. The AL690 was designed to provide convenient side-loading into your van’s second-row seating, leaving your third-row seating and cargo area free and full access to your vehicle’s backup camera!

  • The AL690 is optimal for virtually all powerchairs and scooters up to 275 lb
  • Compatible with most minivans and vans.
  • This lift offers transportation for your mobility device inside your vehicle’s seating area, securing the powerchair or scooter with manual straps.
  • Carries most standard power chairs and shorter scooters
  • Weatherproof, remote hand control (wireless option available)
  • No drilling required in most vehicles; connects to existing 2nd row seat hardware
  • No powerchair or scooter modifications required
  • Third row seat spared in most applications
  • Delivers powerchair or scooter close to driver or passenger door
  • Works with most minivans and SUVs
  • Lifting Capacity
    275 lb
  • Accommodates
    Power wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, Scooters
  • Installed Weight
    186 lb
  • Platform Size
    21.5" to 29”
  • Powered
    Fully powered
  • Securement
    Manual straps
  • Available Option(s)
    Battery pack
    Self-tensioning straps
    Custom adapters
    Wireless remote

Options & Accessories

  • AL205
  • ALCovers
Warranty : 3-year transferable

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“My AL690 is amazing! My son’s scooter drives onto the platform easily and I always feel confident commuting with it – especially since I can use my backup camera on my van!”
– Jan

“My wife loves this lift option. It’s easy to use and we can still access our trunk – so problem!”
– Steven

Factors to Consider before Making a Decision

While hybrid lifts require little-to-no work while operating the lift, there are certain steps that must be completed in order to ensure your mobility device is secured for travel.

  • Walking from the front to the rear of the vehicle and back again
  • Standing up to three minutes while the lift operates
  • Steer or push the mobility device on/off the platform
  • Fold down the seat back of the mobility device or scooter tiller until it is in its most compact position
  • Apply pressure to hold down a button on the handheld control while the lift operates
  • Tie-Down Straps: Connect the hook to location on mobility device and pull strap end to increase tension (self-retracting strap upgrades are available)
The A690 is compatible with most minivans and vans; however, we invite you to click the Check Vehicle Compatibility button below to get a better idea of whether your vehicle is the best fit. Or, ask your local Harmar dealer for guidance when shopping for your lift.
With its lifting capacity of 275 lb the AL690 is a great fit for virtually any powerchair, manual wheelchair, or scooter. Consult with your local Harmar dealer to ensure this lift is best for your mobility device and vehicle.

Options and accessories to make the AL690 yours:

  • Battery pack
  • Custom adapters
  • Self-tensioning straps
  • Wireless remote