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You might assume injuries caused by tripping or falling on stairs at home only happens to older adults. While it’s true that adults in the 85+ age group experience more injuries than the younger folk, stairs pose a risk for people from all age groups.

Installing a stairlift can minimize the risk of trip-and-fall accidents, but a folding stairlift goes even further to reduce injury.

We’ve put together several essential pieces of information to help you maximize the benefits of a Stairlifts, including tips on getting the most from your folding stairlift. It’s a short read that’s long on value.

Fold it Up

One of the biggest concerns most people have before installing a stair lift at home is the space the device will occupy. No one wants a bulky piece of equipment blocking the entire household’s access to the main stairway.

The good news is you don’t need to worry about your stairlift creating a dangerous obstacle for your family and caregivers.

Many stair lifts today come with foldable foot and armrests. They also have seats that fold up and out of the way when the lift is not in use. You can also upgrade to a model with a foldable rail to make your stair lift even safer.

How a Foldable Rail Works

So that people can get safely on and off, a stair lift must come to a stop a few inches above the floor at the bottom of the staircase. To allow the lift to stop in the correct spot, the rail extends on the floor.

A foldable rail only extends when the lift comes down the stairs. Otherwise, it either folds over and lies flat on top of the rail or folds into an upright position.

Unless you install your stairlift in a back hallway where no one else uses the stairs, you’ll want to make sure the rail doesn’t stick out and create a safety hazard. First, check with your dealer and ask how far the rail will extend beyond the bottom stair.

Once you determine you need a foldable rail, you’ll want to consider whether you should go with a manual or a mechanical style folding rail.

Manual vs. Mechanical Folding Rails

The decision about adding a manual or mechanical folding rail to your stair lift depends mainly on your ability to bend down and fold the rail or use your foot. If you can raise and lower the rail safely, or your caregiver can do it for you, the manual style will work just fine.

People living with mobility issues often can’t operate a manual lift. They may not have enough strength, or they may also deal with impaired balance.

A mechanical or power folding rail then becomes the optimum solution.

Mechanical folding rails work in one of two ways: you either press a button to raise and lower the rail, or the stairlift does it automatically by way of sensors. The model of your stairlift determines whether you’ll have to lower the rail yourself.

Why Buy a Folding Stairlifts?

In addition to concerns about space, some people also worry about appearances. Will a stairlift distract guests as soon as they come through the front door?

The design of a folding stair lift makes it inconspicuous.

When not in use, the seat folds up flush against the back of the chair. Arm and footrests flip up as well, reducing the total footprint of the lift. Once you tuck everything up neatly, your guests will barely notice the stairlift.

Something else you’ll appreciate about the foldable stairlift pertains to safety. You already understand the value of a safe way to go up and down the stairs in your home. The foldable components of a lift make your stairway safer for other members of your household.

Instead of worrying about whether they’ll trip on the footrest or get stuck between the seat and the doorframe in the upstairs hallway, they can quickly fold things up, ensuring ample space to walk up and down the stairs.

If you’re looking for a solution to your mobility issues that will only create a positive impact on your life, buy a folding stairlift!

Say Hello to the Harmar Pinnacle Stairlifts

Now that you’re excited about the benefits of a folding stairlift, it’s an excellent time to meet one in person. The Harmar Pinnacle Stairlifts lead the pack!

This lift offers multiple benefits not found in other stairlifts, including:

  • A comfortable swivel seat that folds up close to the wall.
  • Seat can be adjusted for height.
  • Foldable foot and armrests.
  • Known as the most compact and lightest stairlifts on the market.
  • Retractable seat belts.
  • Uses safety sensors to stop the lift when it encounters obstacles.
  • Easy to use controls.

These are only a few of the fantastic benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose the Pinnacle. Talk with your dealer to learn more about this model. Make sure when you talk with your dealer about folding stairlift costs, you mention that you’re interested in the optional folding rail.

Ready to Buy Your New Stairlifts?

Installing a stairlift means a whole new level of freedom for people who struggle with mobility or balance. The right stairlift can also be a blessing for your family and other caregivers.

A folding stairlift is the ideal mobility solution for adults who want to go up and down stairs without inconveniencing others.

For assistance learning how to get a stairlift or help locating a dealer, please contact our team today!

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