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Product Buyers Guide: Stairlift FAQs

Oct 5, 2022 | Buyers Guide

Do you have more questions? We have more answers that will hopefully help listed below in our FAQ section. How do I make sure I keep unwanted riders off my inside or outside chairlift?

Stairlifts offer a variety of safety features – this incudes key locks, which are available on chairlifts to ensure no unwanted trips are taken up or down the stairs if grandchildren are over, or if you want to ensure your outside lift is safe from unwanted riders or passersby.

How safe are stairlifts and are they hard to operate?

Stairlifts are designed to get you where you need to go comfortably. Harmar stairlifts, like most lifts on the market, have safety sensors on the chassis and footrests and are created to stop the lift if they detect any sort of obstruction on the steps so the object can be moved.

Don’t forget to buckle up for safety! Stairlifts also have seatbelts. Some of the models, like Harmar’s flagship model, the Pinnacle SL600, come with a standard retractable seatbelt, while other models offer the ability to upgrade to the convenient feature.

Most stairlifts are operated with a large toggle switch. When heading up or down the stairs, simply push the toggle switch (located on the chair’s arm) in the direction you’d like to go. With its location at the end of the arm, it can be manipulated by either your fingers, hand, or arm. If your home has two stairlift users and the lift is located on the opposite side of the stairs, many chair lifts also come with remote controls to either call or send the seat to where it needs to be.

Is there a weight limit for stairlifts?

Stairlifts are designed to accommodate various weight levels. Currently, lifts on the market offer weight capacities from 300 lbs. to Harmar’s exclusive Pinnacle SL600HD, which can accommodate up to 600 lbs.

I have a narrow stairway – will a stairlift fit?

Narrow stairways are typically no problem! Straight stairlifts only need 27.5” of space to allow a safe, confident chair swivel at the top of the stairs. However, if you are concerned about the width of your stairway, don’t hesitate to find a dealer near you using Harmar’s Dealer Locator for an assessment of your steps!

How do I clean my stairlift?

You don’t typically need to complete any maintenance yourself on your stairlift – that’s what your dealer is for. However, it’s recommended you do a little cleaning to help prolong your lift’s life and keep the tracks clear of any hair or dust. Harmar’s stairlifts, unlike many lifts on the market today, do not require lubrication or grease to operate. This means no mess on your walls and carpet and less maintenance visits.

To maintain your lift, dust your seat, armrests, footrest, rail, and chassis using a dust rag (on the rail) and a wipe for the rest. A clean lift is a happy lift.

Should I unplug or turn off my chair lift if I go out of town?

This isn’t necessary, but you may want to turn it off, as it will help preserve the battery. However, please do not unplug it.

What happens if I lose power in my home, or the plug falls out of the power outlet?

If the plug falls out of the electrical outlet – no worries. The lift will still work for a while. Just please make sure you plug it back in as soon as possible.

What are the electrical needs for a stairlift to safely work in the home?

Stairlifts need to be plugged into an electrical outlet at your home. It will need enough power to consistently charge the 12V batteries powering the lift.

What if I need maintenance or service done on my stair lift?

In the event of technical difficulties or you’re in need of general maintenance, we suggest calling the dealer who completed the installation for you. If you don’t have their contact handy, refer to the paperwork you may have been provided for the contact information.

I’m sick of my carpet. Do I need to remove my lift to replace it?

No – in most cases, carpet replacement should not require your lift to be removed or replaced.

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