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What Is a Scooter Lift?

Jul 6, 2021 | Independent Living

Having limited mobility is hard enough. But adding to that, gradual erosion of your independence can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

How can you win back some of your independence? Try a scooter lift. Get back to surrounding yourself with people because you want them there, not because you need them there.

What Is a Mobility Scooter Lift?

A mobility scooter lift is a platform attached to a lifting mechanism. Depending on the type of lift, it can either simply raise or lower a mobility scooter or safely maneuver it in and out of a vehicle.

Providing you can stand for a few minutes and walk from the rear to the front of the car, a scooter lift will give you more freedom and independence.

How Scooter Lifts Work

A scooter lift attaches to the back of your vehicle. It has “feet” under the platform that offer stability and allow for easy maneuvering when loading and unloading from your vehicle.

The basic process includes:

  • Maneuvering the scooter onto the lift platform
  • Ensuring the scooter is secure
  • Raising or lowering the lift

The lift may be hand-powered or power-operated. Secure the lift and scooter, and you are ready to roll.

Types of Scooter Lifts

There are three types of mobility scooter lifts. They are:

  1. Inside vehicle lift/hoist
  2. Outside lifts/hitch mount
  3. Hybrid vehicle lifts

Mobility device lifts can carry anywhere between 150 to 450 lbs., which provides a lift suitable for almost all situations.

Inside Lift/Hoist

These are designed to handle a variety of mobility devices, including scooters and wheelchairs. The inside lift features an easy-to-use hoist mechanism that swings outside for loading and lifting.

Outside Lifts/Hitch Mount

An outside auto lift attaches to the back of your vehicle with a hitch. Your scooter or wheelchair is secured to the platform, raised, and transported outside the vehicle.

These lifts are easy to use and work well for most types of vehicles. When not in use, the platform hinges up and uses very little space behind the car.

Hybrid Auto Lifts

Hybrid lifts are mounted in your cargo area and the platform cantilevers out and down to ground level. This allows you to roll your scooter onto the platform.

The lift then raises your mobility device and into the cargo area of the vehicle. You place it on the platform, where it will be lifted when needed.

These lifts work with trucks and vans. They may also be useable with some models of estate wagons and SUVs.

Is My Car Suitable for A Mobility Lift?

The range of vehicles is extensive, with compacts to full-size cars, SUVs, and vans. Each has different weight capacities and interior space. This affects which type of lift will work best for you and the size and weight of the mobility device you can transport.

Experience has shown us that most vehicles can be fitted with mobility lifts. A qualified mobility lift provider can help you choose the right lift for you. Check out this vehicle compatibility calculator for more info.

Can a Mobility Scooter Fit in a Car?

There are two types of mobility scooters.

The first type either dismantles or folds down, allowing them to be easily carried in even small cars. These scooters are lighter and can be lifted into the trunk or cargo area of a vehicle.

Even so, these can weigh 30 pounds or more, so they’re not easy to lift for someone with limited mobility.

The second type is a heavier rigid scooter. These usually have heavy lead-acid batteries and are difficult to lift, often requiring two people to transfer them in or out of a vehicle. These scooters may be able to fit in the cargo areas of some estate wagons and SUVs, but they’re not able to fit in most cars.

Is a Mobility Scooter Lift Right for Me?

Children and adults with limited mobility should still be part of their community. They can and should enjoy school, work, and social activities just as must as their able-bodied counterparts.

Mobility scooters have some inherent limits where users can travel. It is also difficult traveling on public transport with a mobility scooter. For most people with limited mobility, the easiest and safest option is to travel in a private vehicle.

The best solution is a scooter lift. Having your mobility device with you provides improved mobility.

Can I Operate a Scooter Lift?

The person operating the mobility scooter lift should be able to:

  • Walk from the front and rear of the vehicle and back
  • Stand while the lift operates (around two to three minutes)
  • Get the mobility device on and off the platform
  • Use the controls that activate the lift

Scooter lifts have varying levels of automation, from manual to partially automated. These different styles offer a range of options so you can feel comfortable in whatever situation might come up!

Each type of lift has different operating instructions. You can find out how these differ by speaking to a qualified mobility device provider.

What Is the Process to Get a Scooter Lift?

We recommend that you find out more about lifts from our website or reach out for more information. We can then have one of our trained professionals review your options and find out which lift is best for you.

The right solution will win you back some freedom and independence. So why wait any longer?

Find out how a scooter lift can work for you today!

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