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Stairlift chair Harmar SL600 stairlift in a residential setting Side view of Harmar SL600 straight stairlift Harmar SL600 stairlift showcasing ergonomic design Harmar SL600 stairlift with safety belt feature Harmar SL600 stairlift folded to save space Harmar SL600 stairlift highlighting footrest safety sensor Harmar SL600 stairlift control and armrest detail Frontal view of the Harmar SL600FR straight stairlift


Pinnacle Premium Stairlifts

  • Homes (Residential)
  • Commercial

You deserve to have access to every floor in your home. The Pinnacle SL600 is here to help you take back your freedom. With a lifting capacity of 350 lb, this straight stairlift provides riders with the confidence to go up and down their stairs safely and comfortably.

  • No grease or lubrication equals no mess! Cleaner for you, your home, and pets.
  • Efficient motor with a nylon polymer gear/worm drive provides up to 60 up and down cycles on batteries during a power outage.
  • Narrow stairways? No problem. When folded, the SL600 is just 10.5” wide, which provides plenty of room for other household members and guests to easily access the stairs.
  • Smooth, efficient Power Seat Swivel and Power Footrest options are available for easy mounting and dismounting.
LED light in the armrest to
inform the user when the
lift is ready to operate
Oversized footrest for more
comfort and security
Ergonomic control switch
for easier control
Foldable arm rests and swivel
seat for an easier and safer
exit from the seat
Seat belt for a more secure
ride up and down your stairs
Remote control to
call or send your seat


  • Narrowest stairlift in the industry – folds as narrow as 10.5” when footrest and seat are folded!
  • Patented helical worm gear drive system for extremely smooth and quiet ride
  • No grease or lubrication required for nylon polymer gear rack; low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Power seat swivel and power footrest options for smoother, easier seating and standing
  • Easy and ergonomic operating control and condition indicator lights
  • Operable in a power outage – up to 60 trips!
  • Comfortable upholstered seat with full-sized backrest and standard retractable seat belt
  • Safety sensors in the footrest and chassis will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction
  • Options/Accessories: Key lock to protect from unauthorized use, Folding rail (increases minimum folded width to 13.0"), Power Seat Swivel, Power Footrest, Additional track over 16'
  • Weight Capacity
    350 lb (159 kg)
  • Seat Size
    19" W x 16" D x 18" H
  • Speed
    20 FPM
  • Folded Width
    10.5", 13.6" with folding rail
  • Track Length
    15'6" standard; up to 70'
  • Incline LImits
    27° to 52° (inclines above 45° may require local jurisdiction approval)
  • Drive System
    • Patented nylon polymer gear rack
    • Helical worm gear
  • Safety Features
    • Retractable seat belt
    • Overspeed brake
    • LED alert system in armrest
    • Swivel seat with interlock
    • Chassis obstruction sensor
    • Footrest obstruction sensor
    • Padded armrestelt
  • Options
    • Automatic folding rail
    • Key lock
    • Extra rail
    • Manual lowering tool
No Accessories Available.
Warranty : Limited Lifetime Warranty, 1-Year Battery

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“I couldn’t be happier with the Pinnacle. I’m so glad I made this choice for my home. I feel safe going up and down the stairs again, and it’s never in the way for my grandkids!”

“I used to be the one to bring the laundry up to the second floor. But now that my wife can use her Pinnacle, she’s more than happy to ride upstairs with some fresh bedding or towels in her lap.”

“My husband and I take turns using our stairlift. Since we were both athletes, our knees aren’t what they used to be. So, the call-send feature on the Pinnacle’s remotes is a lifesaver! If he rides it up to the second floor, I can call it right back down to me when I need it.”

Factors to Consider before Making a Decision

The Pinnacle straight stairlifts are designed to fit any straight staircase without any curves to the structure. With a larger seat and 10.5” folded width, the SL600 is optimal for narrow stairways and offer increased comfort. To avoid any obstruction near doorways, walls, or walkways, add a folding rail to the bottom of your stairlift.
At Harmar, we understand everyone has different needs. We offer three different sizes in our stairlifts: SL300, SL600, and SL600HD. The SL300 seat offers a smaller, more compact seat, while the SL600HD can accommodate up to 600 lb and offers a wider, padded chair and larger backrest. Which will best suit your lifestyle and home?