To your home with ramp solutions

Custom configuration
Custom configuration

At Harmar, we offer custom configurations on our modular elevation ramps to ensure safe and easy access to and from your home entryway.

Moving is no problem
Moving is no problem

Modular ramps can be transported from one location to another and be configured differently to accommodate new locations! This includes the ability to add or subtract components as well.

Ultimate stability
Ultimate stability

The sturdy J-hook connections and tongue in the groove between platforms and ramps offer premier stability.

Fully powered lifting
High weight capacity

Topped with smooth and continuous handrails and no-slip walking surfaces, Harmar’s modular ramps are in tip-top safety condition.

1” elevation equals 1’ of ramping
Grooves on treads for safe,
non-slip surfaces
Handrail joints for secure,
sturdy support
Foot brackets for
maximum support

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Factors to consider before making a decision

Is a modular ramp right for me?
Ramps are great solutions when accessing your front door becomes difficult. But, is a modular ramp good for you? If you’re unable to get in and out of your mobility device, a ramp or vertical platform lift may offer the best solution.
Do I have enough property for a modular ramp?
Modular ramps call for a larger footprint due to their requirement of 1’ of ramping per 1” rise. While they’re simpler in terms of technology, ramps can take up a good amount of room on your property.


Harmar has plenty of ramp solutions to help you maintain your independence at home.
AR500 Outline

Aluminum Threshold Ramps

  • Portable for use inside and outside
  • Offered in multiple dimensions
  • Weight capacity of 600 lb.
Elevation Ramp

Rubber Threshold Ramps

  • Portable for use inside and outside
  • Offered in multiple dimensions
  • Weight capacity of 850 lb.
ar100 outline

Portable Ramps

  • No tools required for assembly
  • Lightweight aluminum with non-slip surface
  • Weight capacity of 600 lb.

“My rubber ramp is amazing! I never have to worry about getting in and out of my house. Sturdy, dependable, modification-free. Love it!”


“I didn’t know where to look first. My husband had knee surgery and we were worried he would struggle with getting into our home. But then my daughter found the portable ramp and our problems were solved!”


Assembled in the USA
Assembled in the USA
Dealers in all 50 States
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