Control Your Stairs’ Curves

with a Curved Stairlift

No grease, no mess
Quick Installs or Custom Designs

Do you need a stairlift installed quickly that can easily take turns and curves, or would you prefer a stairlift with a sleeker, more custom rail design? Enjoy a possible next-day installation with the UP Stairlift! Or, if you’re shopping for a lift with a sleek design with color options, Harmar’s Helix may be your top contender. 

Compact but mighty

From angles to curves, to spirals to sweeps, the UP Stairlift and Helix are optimal to help you take on any twist and turn. Helix’s rail is fabricated in Florida to perfectly fit your stairs, while the UP Stairlift is modular and readily available to be installed, based on your dealer’s quantities. At Harmar, we understand that every home is unique – so it’s important to offer multiple tools to help you continue to enjoy your own home.

Up to 60 trips during blackouts

Safety for our stairlift users is always at top of mind. Both the Helix and UP Stairlifts are equipped with safety features including retractable seatbelts, footrest and chassis obstruction sensors, and constant pressure controls.

Retractable seat belt for
a clean look when lift is
not in use
Swivel seat levers to swivel seat
to face landings when ready to
enter/exit the lift
Non-skid footrest for additional safety
Flat seat designed for easier
transfer to and from lift

Get assistance from your local
Harmar dealer

Consultations available over the phone, online, or in person.

Factors to consider before making a decision

Do I need a curved or straight stairlift?
This depends on a few factors: do you have landings separating your stairs? Are there any turns, sweeps, or angles? How about assistance getting down the hall from your stairs? If you answered “yes” to any of those, you may be a great candidate for a curved stairlift.
Which curved stairlift would best fit my needs?

The UP Stairlift is a prime choice if you or your loved one needs almost immediate installation due to returning from a facility or hospital, safety requirements, and more. The modular rail can be configured and installed as soon as the day of your dealer’s visit. With a weight capacity of up to 275 lb, the UP Stairlift also offers automatic features such as auto-folding footrests and automatic seat swivel at the top and bottom landings of your stairs. Harmar’s Helix curved stairlift’s rail is welded for a smooth ride and sleek look – and to perfectly fit your home’s unique stairs. This model is designed for comfort, offers a weight capacity of up to 350 lb, and can be ordered in either light beige or black.


Confidently move from floor to floor with a curved stairlift made for your home and your unique needs.
UP Stairlift Sand

UP Stairlift

  • Accommodates users up to 275 lb
  • Includes remote Wi-Fi diagnostic
  • Near-immediate installation
Helix Curved Stairlift

Helix Curved Stairlift

  • Accommodates users up to 350 lb
  • Custom-fabricated rail for a perfect fit
  • Designed to handle tight, 180 degree turns

“I have no idea how I made it this long without my Helix. I was so afraid I would never find a lift that would work with my old, twisty staircase. But the Helix made what I thought was impossible possible. If fits like a charm!”

“When my uncle needed a chairlift to come home from the hospital, I thought we were in big trouble. But the UP Stairlift was put in within a day of our dealer coming out. It fits his stairs really well and it’s so easy for him to use.”

Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Assembled in the USA
Assembled in the USA
Dealers in all 50 States
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Live technical support
Live technical support
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