for Scooters and Powerchairs

Backup Camera and Garage Space Maintenance
Backup Camera and Garage Space Maintenance
Stowed inside your vehicle’s cargo area, the hybrid lift doesn’t obstruct your vehicle’s backup camera’s view, nor does it add any extra inches to the rear, so tight garages are no problem!
Easy Securement
Easy Securement
Compatible with most scooters and powerchairs, safely secure your mobility device to a hybrid lift using the Q’Straints or padded hold-down arm.
Weather and Debris Protection
Weather and Debris Protection
Harmar’s hybrid lifts safely transport your mobility device inside the vehicle, protecting it from harsh weather and debris during travel.
Powerhouse Lifting Capabilities
Powerhouse Lifting Capabilities
The sliding aluminum rails on the AL6000 series provide a smooth performance and hefty weight capacity, enabling the series to accommodate up to either 350 lb, or 400 lb.
Hold-down arm to secure
your mobility device
while on the road
(optional on AL6000;
standard on AL6000HD)
aluminum insert

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Factors to consider before making a decision

Do lifts for my mobility device require any modifications to my vehicle?

This depends on your vehicle and the type of lift you feel would be best for you and your needs. Hitch-mounted lifts require a hitch to be added to your vehicle (if you don’t already have one installed). Hybrid and hoist lifts generally require little-to-no modifications, but may call for some drilling to the cargo area or truck bed floor in order to fasten/bolt the lifts into place.

What are the benefits of a hitch-mounted lift?

Hitch-mounted lifts are rated as “easier” lifts to use because the lift does the work for you in most cases. You must exit your mobility device to guide it onto the lift platform and then secure your mobility device to the lift; however, once finished, the lift can be operated with a switch, where it will raise your mobility device for travel. Because these lifts transport your scooter, powerchair, or manual wheelchair on the outside rear of your vehicle, your cargo space is untouched, allowing you to maintain full use of your vehicle’s interior.

What are the benefits of hoist lifts?

Hoist lifts help transport your mobility device by hooking onto your scooter, powerchair, or manual wheelchair, and hoisting it into your vehicle’s cargo area. Because the hoist lift is installed inside your vehicle, you’re able to maintain use of your backup camera and save space if parking in a garage.

What are the benefits of hybrid lifts?

Hybrid lifts are a mix of hitch and hoist lifts. Like hitch lifts, you must get off your scooter or powerchair and guide it onto the platform, then secure it with either four cam buckles or the hold-down bar. Then, much like hoist lifts, use the remote control to lift your powerchair or scooter into the rear cargo area in your vehicle. Because the hybrid lift is installed inside your vehicle, you’re able to maintain use of your backup camera and save space if parking in a garage.

Hybrid Lifts

Keep your vehicle’s back up camera while transporting your powerchair or scooter! Hybrid lifts are designed to lift your mobility device either into the back or the side of your vehicle for safe and easy travel.

AL6000 – Available in HD!

AL6000 – Available in Heavy-duty!

  • compats minivans
  • compats suvs
  • compats vans
  • Secure your scooter or powerchair with 4 cam buckles or the hold-down bar (standard on AL6000HD, optional on AL6000
  • Requires back of powerchair or scooter tiller to be folded
  • AL6000 offers 350 lb lifting capacity; AL6000HD offers 400 lb
  • Ease of use: Moderate
  • Compatible with minivans, vans, and SUVs
AL690 - Harmar Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift Outline


  • compats minivans
  • Secure your small scooter, manual wheelchair, or powerchair with 4 manual straps
  • No scooter or powerchair modifications required
  • AL690 offers 275 lb lifting capacity
  • Ease of use: Moderate
  • Compatible with most minivans and SUVs

“My AL6000 is amazing! I rely heavily on my backup camera, so I was thrilled that my SUV is compatible with this lift. It’s given me so much more freedom to go to appointments without worrying about how I’ll get around without my scooter.”


Brandon Ross

Make it your own!

To ensure your lift perfectly fits your lifestyle, check out the options and accessories. From additional securement methods to wireless remotes, we have plenty of options to help lift your life.

  • Wireless remote for hybrid lifts
  • Self-tensioning Q’Straint retractor upgrade
  • Sure-Lok titan series retractors (one-handed use)
  • AL6000 hold-down bar
  • AL6000 puddle lights
  • Battery pack with charger
Assembled in the USA
Assembled in the USA
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