Platform Lift

Vertical wheelchair lift
Vertical wheelchair lift


Platform Lift

  • Homes (Residential)
  • Commercial

VPL400-X is an optimal choice if you’re looking for a sturdy-yet-simple lift. While the VPL400-X is designed to lift you and your mobility device up to 53”, it’s packed with the same power offered by the Highlander II. Both the VPL400-X and Highlander II share the heavy-duty 750 lb. lifting capacity and 5 platform sizes to fit your lifestyle.

  • Heavy-duty lifting for you and your mobility device up to 53”
  • Provides access to decks, porches, and garage entry
  • Residential applications
SteadyDrive: Ensures
a smooth, quiet
and stable lift.
Big Blue Paddle: A 4' x 5'
high contrast ergonomic
rocker paddle control that
makes operation easier.
Folding Ramp


  • Make it your own with these options and accessories!
  • 36" or 42" platform gates with EMI interlock
  • Grab bar in platform
  • Key lock in platform
  • 36" or 42" landing gates with interlock
  • Fixed or auto-fold ramp
  • Heavy-duty lifting for you and your mobility device up to 53”
  • Provides access to decks, porches, and garage entry
  • Simple, sturdy choice for residential applications
No Accessories Available.
No Warranty Available.

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“I needed something simple that wouldn’t take up too much room, but still get me and my scooter up and down from my porch. This lift does wonders! I never have to worry about how I’ll get out of my home for my appointments again.”

“My husband was adamant about not getting a ramp, but he needs something to get in and out of the house. Taking the stairs with his bad knees is out of the question, so this VPL is perfect for what we need. He doesn’t have to sit down and stand up again for the trip up and down, so he’s happy as a clam.”

“I had to carry my son in and out of the house for his appointments. He’s getting bigger and I’m not getting any younger, so to have this tool to make things easier has really lifted a load from my shoulders. I can get him in and out while keeping him in his powerchair and it’s just a lot less stress on us.”

Factors to Consider before Making a Decision

VPLs have a small footprint compared to modular ramps. When it comes to ramps, 1” rise equals 1’ of ramping. So, a 24” set of steps would require 24’ of modular ramping. That’s a lot of ramp! The VPL400-X is a simple solution to help those who need assistance up and down the steps or while staying in their mobility device.
Yes! With a 750 lb lifting capacity, the VPL400-X can accommodate virtually any mobility device and the rider.
The VPL400-X is designed for easy use. With the Big Blue Paddle, the operation buttons are much easier to use and see. When secured in the lift, simply press the up or down arrow and hold through the duration of the ride.