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10 Resources in Nashville, TN: Local Assistance for Senior Citizens, People with Disabilities, and their Caregivers

Aug 10, 2023 | Children of Aging Parents

Living in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is a vibrant city that offers many different opportunities for both work and play for all of its inhabitants. As the city population continues to grow, age, and diversify over the years, many different agencies and organizations have responded by doing their best to offer programs and educational tools in order to assist you with your daily life.

Whether you are balancing life as a caregiver for an aging parent or a loved one with a disability, we at Harmar want to make sure that you are fully equipped to handle every challenge that comes your way. To that end, we offer a list of ten local resources in Nashville to help you obtain the assistance that you need, both to make your own life easier and also to make your loved one more comfortable and confident in their own home.

Resources for Caregivers

  1. Aging and Disability Services of the Greater Nashville Regional Council: https://www.gnrc.org/163/Aging-and-Disability-Services. This helpful program has an informational and assistance hotline that is designed to connect any individual in need of help to the exact program or service that will meet their needs. Whether you need transportation or meals, GNRC keeps a database with thousands of regional programs that are ready and willing to help.
  2. Greater Nashville Area Agencies on Aging and Disability: https://www.tn.gov/aging/resource-directory/aaad.html. As a division of Tennessee’s Commission on Aging and Disability, the Greater Nashville AAAD has its own director that is ready to provide recommendations about programs and services for those who need specific assistance.
  3. Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency: https://www.mchra.com/. MCHRA is a nonprofit, independent organization that aims to help individuals become more self-sufficient, from providing knowledge and resources that improve quality of life to connecting people with services that benefit their health, well-being, and economic situation. For seniors and people with disabilities in particular, MCHRA brings a wealth of information and services including Meals-on-Wheels, free public transportation, and legal assistance at no cost.
  4. Tennessee Disability Pathfinder: https://www.tnpathfinder.org/. Pathfinder is an organization that helps people with disabilities, their families, communities, and support partners so that they find the resources, education, and programs they need through one-on-one assistance.
  5. Tennessee State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) and Senior Medical Patrol (SMP): https://tnmedicarehelp.com/. As a subset of the AAAD, these two programs work hand-in-hand to assist seniors and people with disabilities to work through their questions and concerns about Medicare while also protecting them from the possibility of facing healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse.
  6. Age Well of Middle Tennessee: https://agewelltn.org/. This nonprofit organization seeks to respect and value those who are aging while providing them and their caregivers with the resources and information that they need to be a positive force within their own communities. By providing a variety of initiatives that aim at protecting, supporting, and celebrating seniors, Age Well aims at shifting the way that many think about aging.
  7. Metropolitan Social Services: https://www.nashville.gov/departments/social-services. Located within the City of Nashville, this agency provides a wide range of services for residents throughout Davidson County, including counseling, nutrition, strategic planning, and life management.
  8. WeGo Access: https://www.wegotransit.com/ride/transit-services/access/. This is a publicly-funded paratransit service that operates in conjunction with Nashville and Davidson County’s metro bus system. All vans are fully accessible and come with specific features to assist the passenger.
  9. Senior Ride Nashville: https://www.seniorridenashville.org/. Another option for transportation within the city, Senior Ride seeks to enrich the lives of older adults by providing them with assisted, affordable, and reliable volunteer-based transportation.
  10. United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee: https://www.ucpmidtn.org/. This organization aims to connect disabled people with a variety of programs in order to advance their independence and help them live life to the fullest. Many of their services are focused on issues of mobility, including home access and specialized equipment, but they also provide help with affordable housing and support for caregivers.

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