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7 Benefits of Hybrid Mobility Lifts for Your Vehicle

May 20, 2021 | Children of Aging Parents, Independent Living, Special Needs Parenting

Part of having a convenient driving experience is knowing what improvements your vehicle needs. Here are the benefits of hybrid mobility lifts you should consider.

At least 50% of America’s 1.7 million wheelchair or scooter users need steps to enter and exit their homes. This means they may also have difficulties entering and exiting cars.

A vehicle lift is like a set of stairs for a mobility device. It helps load and unload the wheelchair or scooter onto a vehicle. There are several different types, including inside, outside, and hybrid mobility lifts.

Hybrid lifts are mounted in a vehicle’s cargo area. They move out and down so that the device can be loaded onto the platform and lifted into the vehicle.

Read on for seven important benefits of hybrid mobility lifts.

  1. Increased Safety and Freedom

The largest benefit of vehicle lifts for chairs and scooters is that they increase safety and freedom for all users.

The average power wheelchair or scooter has an operational range of 8 to 16 miles. It becomes difficult to travel anywhere beyond this limited range.

A hybrid mobility lift allows users to load their wheelchair or scooter into their car. This will enable them to travel safely for longer distances and have their device ready when they arrive.

  1. Sturdy Construction

Every mobility device user can benefit from a durable vehicle lift, whether they’re frequent travelers or not. The lift’s materials should be sturdy and weatherproof to ensure they last through any conditions.

Hybrid mobility lifts meet these standards. The Al690 is weatherproof. The Al625 has a steel platform construction.

Purchasing a vehicle lift is an investment, and you want to make sure that you make a smart one. This is why you should choose a hybrid lift made of strong materials with a reputation for reliability.

  1. Easy Installation

Installing hybrid lifts is a simple process. Most models don’t require you to do much work handiwork to connect them to your vehicle.

The AL690 attaches to existing 2nd-row seat hardware without any drilling. The AL600 provides the same feature but maintains the use of your 2nd-row seating.

This benefit means that fear of tools shouldn’t prevent you from using hybrid mobility lifts. Almost anyone can set them up on their own, taking them on and off at any location.

  1. Drive-On, Drive-Off Convenience

Mobility lifts lessen the physical requirements for users when they travel, but they come with a few physical requirements of their own. The operator of a hybrid lift, whether they’re the device user or a loved one, must be able to:

  • Walk the length of their vehicle
  • Stand for at least 3 minutes while the lift operates
  • Get the mobility device on and off the platform
  • Press a button on the handheld controller
  • Secure their device with straps in certain models

Despite these tasks, hybrid vehicle lifts are fairly easy to use. They make it simple to put a mobility device on the lift and get it onto the vehicle.

The automotive strap version of the AL625HD uses a drive-on/drive-off dual entry platform. This allows for even faster, more convenient loading and unloading of mobility devices.

  1. Work with a Range of Power Chairs and Vehicles

Hybrid mobility lifts don’t require you to modify your device or vehicle to make them compatible with one another. All you have to do is find the right model.

The AL600 is compatible with minivans, vans, and SUVs. It carries almost all standard power chairs and scooters.

The AL690 is compatible with vans and minivans. It carries power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, and small scooters.

A vehicle compatibility calculator can help ensure your hybrid mobility lift can lift your mobility device and fit into your vehicle. Use it before purchasing to ensure you’re getting the best possible fit.

  1. Large Lifting Capacity with Small Size

Vehicle lifts can become bulky and take away a large portion of the room in your vehicle. Hybrid mobility lifts help to minimize this problem. All major models have impressive lifting capacities despite their small platform sizes and require very little headroom in your vehicle for installation.

The Al600 has a lifting capacity of 350lbs and a platform size of only 28.5×38-50″. It is the most compact vehicle lift unit on the market because it requires only 32″ of cargo headroom and 43″ of depth.

The Al690 has a lifting capacity of 275lbs. It also has a platform size of 21.5-29″ and adjustable width platform length of 40″. It only requires 32″ of headroom.

The AL625HD has a lifting capacity of 400lbs and a platform size of 26.5″x44.25″. It only requires 38″ of headroom.

The reduced size and headroom requirements of hybrid lifts ensure you and your passengers can ride comfortably. Their large lifting capacity helps them lift power wheelchairs and scooters of various weights and sizes.

  1. Additional Features

Finding the hybrid vehicle lifts involves looking into the features they offer. If you’re not satisfied with the standard options, consider looking for models with additional features.

The AL625HD includes interlock protection to stop the lift when the vehicle’s rear door is closed. This helps prevent your device from getting stuck or crushed.

The Al690 has a remote hand control with wireless options. You can choose the exact type of remote you need based on your physical abilities and preferences.

Certain users may not be able to secure their device onto a hybrid mobility lift. They should consider a self-retracting strap upgrade to make this process easier for them.

Consider what features you need before buying hybrid mobility lifts. Look for one that has everything you need and ask if any extra features you require can be added to the model you’ve chosen.

Where to Buy Hybrid Lifts

Hybrid mobility lifts are the best way to restore freedom and safety to the lives of wheelchair and mobility scooter users. They’re sturdy, easy to install and use, take up less room than other lift types, and offer a range of helpful features.

Finding the right model is the first important choice to make when buying hybrid lifts. The next step is to find the right provider.

Harmar is a trusted provider of all types of vehicle mobility lifts. Find a dealer from our wide network today.

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