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8 Special Needs Organizations Parents Should Know About

Aug 25, 2022 | Special Needs Parenting

According to the National Library of Medicine (N.I.H.), “There are 11.2 million children with special health care needs in the United States or one in five households caring for a special needs child. A small group of children who need continuous medical, nursing, therapeutic services that enable them to survive is growing in numbers.

If you are a parent or caregiver in one of the five households caring for a special needs child in the United States, you may have felt stressed and overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for a loved one. However, it is important to understand there are resources that support your loved one and you as a parent and caregiver.

Below are eight different resources that may be helpful to you or your loved one.

Organizations & Resources for Special Needs

Easter Seals:  This organization provides special needs resources on brain health and autism. Easter Seals helps to connect to a team of therapists, teachers and health professionals and include families as members of the therapy program to offer the required support

Different Dream: Described as a “gathering place for parents of special needs children, they have a website that provides literature and resources along with a blog that focuses on the issues parents of special needs children face or encounter.

Through the Looking Glass: Through the looking glass is a nationally recognized organization that has pioneered research, training and services for families where a child or any other family member suffers from a disability or a medical issue. Its mission is “To create, demonstrate and encourage non-pathological and empowering resources and model early intervention services for families with disability issues in parent or child which integrate expertise derived from personal disability experience and disability culture.

United Cerebral Palsy: The organization provides education, advocacy and support services for people with a spectrum of disabilities to help them achieve a life without limits. U.C.P. also leverages an affiliate network to assist in the advancement and productivity of people with disabilities and this network has helped millions of people

Complex Child E-magazine: This is an online-only magazine that is free, with the majority of its contributors being parents of special needs children. The magazine has garnered a large following. It’s easy to submit an article, search for articles, and browse their database of information. Contributing an article to the magazine is one of the best ways to get involved and share your story so it can help another parent in the same situation.

The Arc: An advocacy organization whose mission is protecting the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supporting their complete inclusion and participation in the community throughout their life. The Arc is not restricted to only parents and children with special needs but everyone. So, you can join the organization, donate or even volunteer.

The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project: This organization, whose acronym stands for Making Opportunities Reality Granting Assistance Nationwide was founded by parents Robert and Kristen Malfara. The goal of the organization is to provide support for families on their journey of raising children with special needs and it doesn’t matter whether the child is yours or adopted. Also, they have a large library of helpful resources and information on their website, combined with a provision of funding for medical treatment and gifts of medical equipment that are not included in insurance coverage. Lastly, the organization also facilitates the creation of a parent’s support group so parents can serve as support to each other during trying times.

Office of Special Education Programs (O.S.E.P.)

Government and state programs provide resources and assistance to the disabled. For example, the Office of Special Education Programs provides information and financial resources for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities until age 21.

If your child needs mobility equipment, we have previously provided a resource on stairlift grants and funding opportunities for other mobility equipment; this includes some government resources and resources like private medical insurance companies.

Mobility for All

Many resources and organizations are dedicated to helping you and your family. With a little research, you can find the support you need.

At Harmar, we are committed to providing mobility solutions to all. We offer a wide range of compact, sturdy, and versatile stairlifts and mobility device lifts for vehicles. In addition, our authorized dealers are available round the clock to help you with any queries.


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