Pickup 225 Speed

Harmar AL825CC Crew Cab 225 HD Vehicle Lift
Harmar AL825CC Crew Cab 225 HD Vehicle Lift


Pickup 225 Speed

  • Trucks

Speedy, but secure, the AL825 hoist lift offers two times the lifting speed of heavy-duty models. This lift was designed to accommodate manual wheelchairs, scooters, and powerchairs weighing up to 210 lb and offers fully powered lifting and rotation for easier use!

  • The AL825 is optimal for manual wheelchairs, powerchairs, and scooters weighing up to 210 lb.
  • Compatible with most trucks.
  • This hoist lift provides fully powered lifting and rotation.
Easy-to-use, weather-proof remote
control with soft-touch buttons
complete with magnetic
strip for easy storage –
wireless key fob available
Mounting hook to attach your
manual wheelchair, scooter,
or powerchair to the lift
  • Lifts and secures your mobility device close to the driver or passenger side of your truck, depending on the install location
  • Complete with fully powered lifting and rotation
  • Offset base mounting is great for fitting tightly into your truck’s sidewall and fender walls
  • Comes with dashboard-mounted on/off switch
  • Designed with a dual-strapped hook to prevent your mobility device from spinning while loading and unloading
  • Lifting Capacity
    210 lb
  • Installed Weight
    116 lb
  • Arm Length
    28.75" - 46.5"
  • Adjustable Height
    34" - 41"
  • Securement
    Docking device
  • Application
    Manual wheelchairs
    Small power wheelchairs
  • Powered
    Power lifting
    Power rotation
  • Included Accessories
    Universal base adapter
  • Available Options
    Battery pack
    Custom adapters
    Wireless remote

Options & Accessories

  • ALCovers
Warranty : 3-Year Transferable

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“So easy to use – and safe! I feel confident driving around with my scooter on my truck bed beside my AL825.”

“I never thought I would need a scooter, never mind a scooter lift to get it onto my truck. Thankfully, I got the lift with my scooter, was taught how to use it the day of install, and never looked back. Love my AL825.”

Factors to Consider before Making a Decision

Hoist lifts require the users to have specific capabilities in order to safely and properly operate the lift. This includes:

  • Walk from the front to the rear of the vehicle and back
    • Model AL435T requires ability to walk to front of the vehicle once device is stowed
  • Stand for up to three minutes while the lift operates
  • Attach docking device to mobility device
  • Fold down the seat back of the mobility device and/or scooter tiller until it is in its most compact position
  • Apply pressure to hold down a button on the handheld control while lift operates
  • Guide the mobility device to avoid interference while raising, rotating, and entering the vehicle through complete lift cycle
  • May require bending over or kneeling, adequate hand dexterity, as well as balance and strength to attach the docking device
The AL825 is compatible with most trucks; however, we invite you to click the Check Vehicle Compatibility button below to get a better idea of whether your vehicle is the best fit. Or, ask your local Harmar dealer for guidance when shopping for your lift.
With its lifting capacity of 210 lb, the 825 is a great fit for virtually any manual wheelchair, small powerchair, or scooter. Consult with your local Harmar dealer to ensure this lift is best for your mobility device and vehicle.